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    1. To be used on 8L-10L gas water heater. Weight:0.78kgs
    2. Gas path leakage inspection: under the gas pressure 15Pa, the tolerance to allow the gas leakage flow≦0.015L/h for the first valve; for the other valves, ≦0.3L/h. 
    3. Endurability of water valve inspection: under water pressure1.5Mpa up to 1minute, there is no damage, no water leakage, out of shape and more
    4. Water relief valve: when water pressure up to 1Mpa, the valve starts to work. 
    5. Under water pressure 0.1Mpa, the water flow is as belowModel (L) 10
    Min. Water flow (L/min) 4.17-5
    Max. Water flow (L/min) ≧10.56. Min. start-up water pressure: ≦0.025Mpa; Min. start-up water flow: 130-150L/h; Max. Start-up water pressure: >0.05Mpa. 
    7. Unidentified size tolerance is according to GB/T 1804-m; geometrical tolerance is according to GB/T1184-k. 
    8. The force to close the solenoid valve: 70±10%gf.

gas water valve

  • gas water valve
gas water valve