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  • 10L-13L available.
    Body size:560*350*140mm;
    Model no:SY107
    Heat efficiency more than 88%

    Main features:

    1.0.01MPa start-up water pressure,good for old residence,high building,etc.

    2.Thermostatic±1℃ temperature difference,hot oulet water temperature is very stable,good for senior people and children.

    3.35℃-65℃ temperature adjusting range.

    4.Without battery.Don't worry battery run out suddenly.

    5.Tough screen,easy operation.


    7.Multi-safety protections.
    1)Circuit protection.Electricity leakage protector;Lightning protection,20minutes timer,ground pretection,etc.

    2)Combustion protection.Flameout protection,Overheating protection,ignition failure protection,dry burning protection,over wind pressure,flue-blocking protection,etc.

    3)Water protection.water filter,over water temperature protection,Over water pressure protection,anti-frozen protection,etc.

    4)Gas protection.Gas filter;fault protection,Fume leakage protection,etc.

    8.Oxygen-free heat exchanger,environment friendly and higher heat efficiency.

gas hot water heaters

  • gas hot water heaters
gas hot water heaters