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  • electric water heaters are divided into quick heating type, instantaneous heating type and water storage type. Among them, the rapid heating and storage type electric water heaters still use the mixing valve to adjust the ratio of cold and hot water to adjust the bath temperature.


  • Gas water heaters must be installed outside the bathroom (except for balanced gas water heaters), and smoke exhaust pipes must be installed in accordance with national standards to discharge the exhaust gas generated by the gas water heater to the outdoors during use, otherwise it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • Gas water heater is instant hot water supply equipment. 1. Under the condition of maintaining water, electricity and gas supply, domestic hot water can be provided to users 24 hours a day. 2. Excellent gas water heater has a higher safety rating.


  • With the arrival of autumn and winter, the temperature turns down sharply, and the cold weather makes us crave for warmth more. In this shivering weather, can take a hot bath in the bathroom, it is a kind of enjoyment, let people take a day of fatigue easy to unload.