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Just three steps to finding the right gas water heater

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the temperature turns down sharply, and the cold weather makes us crave for warmth more. In this shivering weather, can take a hot bath in the bathroom, it is a kind of enjoyment, let people take a day of fatigue easy to unload.

At present water heater market product variety, the water heater product of different type, parameter specification makes a person dazzling. Accordingly how to choose a suitable water heater, just be to let the body get loosen, the key that experiences the happiness of bath.

See actual demand, appropriate can

Unlike an electric water heater, which can visually see liters, a gas water heater's "liter" refers to the amount of water it can heat per minute. For example, a gas water heater rated at 16 liters means that it can provide 16 liters of hot water in one minute.

Generally speaking, it is ok to use 12L to 16L if it is a kitchen with two bathrooms. If it is a kitchen with one bathroom, it is ok to choose 8L-12L. It is better to choose 12L. Nevertheless if be double entry building or villa, toilet is more, the likelihood can achieve 3 or 4, so choose 16L above also too much.
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