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Precautions for double circuits heat exchanger

1. Keep the pipe network clean. The pipe network must be cleaned before or after the work is completed. The purpose of this is to avoid blockage of the double circuits heat exchanger, and also pay attention to timely cleaning of the decontamination device and filter, so that The whole work was completed smoothly.
2. Strictly control softened water. It is very important to check the water quality. Under the premise of the water quality treatment of the softened water, the water in the system and the water quality of the softening tank must first be carefully checked, and the injection treatment can be carried out after it is determined to be qualified.
3. New system inspection. For some new systems, it cannot be used interchangeably with double circuits heat exchangers immediately. First, the new system needs to be operated for a specified period of time, so that it has an operating mode, and then the double circuits heat exchanger can be combined with one another. When used in the system, the purpose of this is to prevent impurities in the pipe network from damaging double circuits heat exchanger equipment.
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