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Gas Boiler safety operation regulations

1. Gas Boiler ignition
Check the operation and/or shift record. To inspect and inspect the inside and outside of Gas Boiler. Check the main safety accessories. Safety valves, water level gauges, and pressure gauges must be tight, reliable and sensitive. Check the water treatment equipment. Check water supply equipment and soda system piping. The valves are adjusted according to the start requirements. Check the oil supply equipment. After the above inspections are qualified, the Gas Boiler can be started.
2. Start the boiler
Observe the water level in the water level gauge. If the water level rises or falls, check whether the opening and closing positions of the water supply valve and the drain valve are correct or leaking. When the pressure rises to 1 kgf gauge pressure, the water level gauge should be flushed. When the pressure rises to 2 kgf gauge pressure, flush the water trap of the pressure gauge.
When the pressure rises to a gauge pressure of 3 kilograms, check whether there is any leakage at the joints of the pressure parts, and tighten the loose screws again. In order to prevent the screw from breaking, the force should not be too strong and the method of extending the handle is not allowed to tighten the screw. When the pressure rises to 4 kgf gauge pressure, a blowdown is performed to equalize the temperature of each part of the boiler water.
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