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Preparation before starting the gas boiler

Gas Boiler check whether the gas pressure is normal, not too high or too low, and open the oil and gas supply throttle;
② Check whether the water pump is filled with water, otherwise open the air release valve until the pump is filled with water. Open each section of the water supply system (including the front and back of the pump and the water supply section of the boiler);
③ Check the water level gauge, the water level should be in the normal position, the water level gauge and the water level color plug should be in the open position to prevent false water level, if there is water shortage, the water can be filled manually;
④ Check the valves on the pressure pipes, they must be opened, and all the wind deflectors on the flue must be opened;
⑤ Check that each knob on the control cabinet is in the normal position;
⑥ Check that the outlet valve of the Gas Boiler should be closed, and the outlet valve of the circulating water pump of the hot water boiler should also be closed;

⑦ Check whether the water softening equipment is operating normally, and whether the various indexes of the soft water produced meet the national standards.

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