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Why does the Gas Water Heater not produce hot water?

1. The gas passage of the Gas Water Heater is blocked. For example, the gas outlet nozzle is blocked or blocked. Some water heaters that have been modified to natural gas may have the nozzle not modified to the proper size or the secondary pressure has not been adjusted during the modification.
2. The water-air linkage device is malfunctioning. Solution: Replace the water-air linkage device.
3. There is scale or carbon deposit in the copper tube of the heat exchanger. Solution: Clean the copper tube of the heat exchanger
4. Gas filter and pressure reducing valve, there may be scale in the pipeline. Solution: Can clean up fire and water courses.
5. The control board is faulty, this is a fault of the high-end machine. Solution: Ask a professional water heater repairer to come to repair and troubleshoot.
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