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Reasons and solutions for gas water heaters not producing hot water (1)

1. Too much water flow
Gas Water Heater can not be adjusted to the preset hot water output at any time. When the difference between the hot water and the inlet water temperature is greater than 25 degrees, the hot water flowing out per minute will not reach the calibrated hot water liters. .
Treatment method: reduce the water output, or turn off the water intake.

2. The hot water pipe is too long
It may be that the pipe is too long, and the water pipe is not insulated, so the heat dissipation is very fast in winter, and there is no way to ensure that the hot water is still high when it reaches the terminal.
Treatment method: do heat preservation treatment.

3. Too much carbon deposits in the water heater heat exchanger
It is an important component that converts heat energy into hot water, and the gap between the fins is small, so carbon deposits are prone to occur when the machine is burning, which greatly reduces the power of the water heater.
Treatment method: Open the panel, inspect and clean the inside. If there is too much carbon accumulation, then it must be removed and cleaned, usually once a year.
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