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Analysis of the reasons for the sudden cold and hot water temperature of Gas Water Heater (4)

1. The length of the pipe

Residential toilets are far away from the Gas Water Heater, especially if there are more toilets, the most remote toilet takes a long time to produce hot water. When using hot water, there will be a period of cold water flowing out first, and then hot water; or there is an interval in the middle of using hot water, and the hot water in the water pipe is cooled during the interval, and then the hot water will be uneven. Phenomenon.

Solution: Make a hot water circulation circuit for the hot water pipeline, so that hot water can circulate, and reduce the phenomenon of cold water during use.

2. Use habits

When using hot water, if the temperature of the hot water is too high, it will be mixed with cold water to neutralize the water temperature. This will cause the flow of the hot water pipeline to decrease, and the continuous heating of the water heater will cause the water temperature to rise, causing the water temperature to be hot and cold.

Solution: When using hot water, try not to adjust the ratio of hot water to cold water. The hot water temperature is adjusted at the position of the water heater (thermostat water heater), and then the hot water valve is opened directly when using it.

3. The temperature sensor is broken

If the temperature sensor is broken, the water heater cannot receive the signal of the arrival of the water temperature, and it will continue to heat the hot water, which causes the hot water to become hot and cold.

Solution: Find the after-sales maintenance master of the water heater to replace the temperature sensor.
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