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The water temperature of gas water heater fluctuates from cold to hot (3)

1. The fan of the Gas Water Heater is faulty

Gas Water Heater exhaust smoke is a forced-balanced exhaust method. First, turn on the fan to exhaust and then start ignition to improve the safety of Gas Water Heater. If the fan is blocked or does not work directly, the water heater will not work; if the fan is half blocked, the combustion efficiency of the water heater will be unstable, which will cause the hot water to become hot and cold.

Solution: Clean the fan of the Gas Water Heater and regularly maintain the components of the water heater.

2. The plate heat exchange of the wall-hung boiler is not good

Wall-hung heating boiler (dual-purpose boiler for floor heating and domestic hot water). The hot water exchanges heat inside the plate exchanger through heating water and tap water (no water exchange). The scale inside the plate exchanger affects the heating efficiency of the tap water, which will make the hot water hot and cold.

Solution: Use cleaning agent to clean the internal scale of the plate exchanger, which improves the efficiency of heat exchange.
Gas Water Heater
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