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Gas Water Heater water temperature is hot and cold (2)

1. The gas fire is blocked

The gas is sent to the furnace of the Gas Water Heater, and the gas and air are mixed and burned to produce hot water through a nozzle. If the gas nozzle is blocked, the amount of gas will be reduced, and the power of the fuel efficiency will be insufficient, causing the hot water to become hot and cold.

Solution: Ask the staff of the water heater company to clean and maintain the gas nozzle.

2. Excessive impurities in gas

The clogging of the gas nozzle mentioned above is also related to the quality of the gas. Excessive impurities in the gas will cause the nozzle of the gas to be blocked, which will affect the combustion efficiency and cause the hot water to become hot and cold.

Solution: Add a gas filter to the gas inlet pipe to clean up gas impurities.

3. The quality of tap water

The heating method of Gas Water Heater is a fire row heating heater (stainless steel or cast silicon aluminum material, etc.) to provide hot water. The water temperature inside this heater is relatively high, which exceeds the scale temperature of tap water (56 degrees at normal temperature is the junction temperature). Scale temperature). This heater will produce scale on the inner wall, which will block the transfer of heat, so the hot water will be hot and cold.

Solution: Clean and maintain the scale of the water heater heater and increase the tap water quality (soft water) of the water heater inlet pipe.
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