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Gas Water Heater water temperature fluctuates from cold to hot (1)

1. The gas supply pressure of Gas Water Heater

In the peak period of cooking, the firepower of the gas is insufficient, which is caused by the low pressure of the gas. When the hot air supply of the water heater is insufficient, the firepower of the combustion will increase and decrease, causing the water temperature to become hot and cold.

Solution: Avoid using hot water during peak gas usage, replace a gas meter with a larger capacity, and increase the air pressure.

2. Tap water pressure

This problem is the same as that of electric water heaters. Insufficient water pressure fluctuates, causing the water volume of the heating pipe to fluctuate. The gas firepower of the Gas Water Heater is the same. When the water volume is small, the temperature is high, the water volume is high, and the temperature is low. Suddenly hot.

Solution: add a booster pump to stabilize the water flow.
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