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The correct maintenance method of Gas Boiler

First check whether the pointer or scale of the water pressure gauge of the household gas boiler is within the standard range. The standard water level of the household gas boiler (household gas wall-hung boiler) is 1-1.2 Pa, but after installation, it will be affected by the heating system and the inside of the gas boiler. There is some air, so the pressure gauge must be checked. If it is not within the established safety range, the air needs to be pumped out. Otherwise, when the gas boiler is running in the future, it will be continuously removed from the gas boiler due to the air in the system. The exhaust valve discharges, which will cause the pressure of the boiler to drop, which is dangerous.

In winter, as the water in the heating system expands after being heated, the water pressure of the knife is unstable, but as long as the water pressure is between 0.5 and 1.5 Pa, it will generally not affect the normal use of household gas boilers (gas wall-hung boilers) , But if the water pressure is lower or higher than this value range, it will affect normal use. If it exceeds 3 Pa, the safety valve of the boiler will automatically leak water, which may cause unnecessary losses. Under normal circumstances, water can be supplemented in one to two months.
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