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Precautions for Use of Gas Boiler

1. The boiler must be checked for blockage of the coaxial flue before use;

2. When the boiler is used in winter, the boiler must be protected by anti-freezing measures;

3. Be sure to prevent gas leakage. During use, the user can ask professional personnel to help check, and replace the gas hose once every two years;

4. The water supply temperature of Gas Boiler has a wide setting range. Don't turn it off when not in use during the day, you can set it at the lowest temperature;

5. Do not set the room temperature too high, generally around 18 degrees Celsius;

6. Under any circumstances, customers should not disassemble, repair or change the use of the Gas Boiler;

7. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble and modify the natural gas pipeline;

8. Minimize the frequency of opening windows for ventilation in winter.

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